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LSP can help companies to identify development opportunities that fit well with a firm's objectives for growth and product profile, and then to skillfully assess those opportunities relative to technical merit, potential regulatory issues, and the probability for success from the clinical, regulatory and commercial aspects.  LSP can also assist in a firm's decision to develop an opportunity in-house versus out-licensing or establishing a corporate partnership.

For those development candidates that are best partnered or licensed, LSP can help you select and qualify the best partner, and then structure and negotiate an optimal licensing agreement.  Finally, the development experience of LSP's principals can help you to structure and manage an effective corporate partnership.

Venture Capital Groups

LSP prepares analyses for venture capital groups of the structure, management, technology and strategic focus of emerging firms. LSP can perform due diligence investigations that include assessments of a firm's product portfolio, the adequacy of its infrastructure, its ability to perform essential development tasks in-house, and the suitability of its contractual relationships with consultants and specialty firms to provide development capabilities not available in-house.  Venture capital organizations will also benefit from the background and extensive skill sets that LSP's principals have gained from long experience in scientific and technical aspects of product development -- including their involvement with regulatory, quality and compliance tasks, as well as clinical development -- as well as from their extensive experience in evaluating development opportunities and corporate partners.

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