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Due Diligence and Establishing the Relationship:  As important as the fit and potential for success of a product development opportunity are the strengths of the development organization. LSP can assess a licensorís resources, infrastructure and ability to execute development tasks; the compatibility and fit of potential corporate partners; and how well the partners together possess the required mix of resources and competencies. A licensor should evaluate potential licensees and contract manufacturers similarly. LSP can provide assessments of all aspects of the fit and suitability of a contemplated corporate partnership. LSP can also help structure, negotiate and conclude development agreements, as well as

  • Corporate organization, management and advisory groups

  • Development focus

  • Core competencies of prospective partner

  • Adequacy of infrastructure, and of human, physical, financial and resources to complete required tasks

  • Adequacy and regulatory compliance of research and/or production facilities

  • Quality systems, documentation and document control

  • Intellectual property protection


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Building a Functional Bipartisan Team:  Once a relationship is formalized, LSP can assist in the activities essential in getting the project underway, and in building the relationship between the partners, including:

  • Help in identifying core competencies for each partner

  • Assessments of resource availability and allocation

  • Identification of contract companies to outsource selected development functions, and

  • Establishment and administration of joint project management teams

A Wealth of Experience:  In having LSP help you with these tasks, you will be able to benefit from LSP's extensive background in assembling and leading teams corporate development teams and partnerships. They have also collectively performed well over 100 due diligence investigations, and will also bring to your project the benefits of their decades of experience and prior successes in:

  • Negotiating product licensing contracts,

  • Setting up and managing corporate alliances,

  • Identifying, hiring, and managing relationships with contract laboratories and production facilities, and

  • Leading corporate project management teams.

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