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Identifying and Evaluating Development Opportunities

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Identification of potential development and/or licensing candidates

Whether a new product candidate originated from your firmís internal R & D group, a university or an industrial source, you need to successfully determine (1) its commercial and technical potential and (2) its strategic fit for your companyís mission and product profile.

LSPís principals have more than two decades of experience in evaluating development opportunities and in formulating product development and licensing strategies. Collectively, they have performed well over 100 assessments of development opportunities.  They have taken several opportunities through the path leading to corporate approval for adoption and development. LSP is thus well-qualified to assist you to find products to in-license for development, as well as to identify, assess and qualify corporate partners for out-licensing an in-house product.

Assessment of Development Opportunities

For any development candidate, a systematic evaluation should be performed.  This examination will determine its potential for success; it should also assess whether the candidate is best adopted internally for development and commercialization, licensed as a new product, or licensed out as a revenue source. Components of this assessment that will be performed, as required, are:

Establishment of Corporate Consensus for Development Opportunities

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